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“Your imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions.”

– Albert Einstein

What is your vision of happiness? When you think of a wonderful life, what comes to mind? Are you traveling the world, raising a family, investing in startups?

Use your power to create your vision! The first step to living the life of your dreams is creating the vision. Without knowing where you’re going it’s a lot harder to get there.

PowerUp brings people together to raise the positive vibrations around our unique desires. Discover your own goals, find answers to life’s difficult questions and feel the relief of reaching those goals as you tap into a different part of your mind and heart.

Simply through conversation, you’ll leave feeling energized and ready to take on whatever presents itself.

We gather over drinks and snacks at the Happyseeker Hub  in Fremont. This group is always made up of new faces but expect to meet friendly, driven people who are committed to living their happiest life.

I’m not sure when the next Power Up will be but it will be sometime soon. Join the mailing list to be one of the first to learn about all future inspirational events!