Hello, friend!

Boat yoga selfieMy name is Sondra. I’m a 20-something who lives in Seattle and is on the perpetual hunt for happiness. I started my first company, Pursuit Concierge, a couple of years ago with the intention of helping people live happier, more fulfilling lives. At first I thought that everyone knows what they love to do, they just might not have the time to do it. I quickly realized that many people have lost touch with what actually makes their heart sing. So, I decided to explore my own world to see if I knew what truly makes me happy.

Everyone has their own paths to happiness and I think it’s important to learn about the many ways we can live. Without knowing your options, how can you make the right choices for yourself? Happyseekers is my expression of self discovery and soaking up what I absorb from those around me.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. The journey to happiness is never ending and I’ll always learn new things. I invite you to join me by reading what I choose to share, joining in on the conversation online and, if you’re in Seattle, coming to one of my inspirational networking events.

With love and gratitude,